Adopt A Family Guidelines

THE Surrey Christmas Bureau is dedicated to bringing joy and support to low-income families during the holidays BY PROVIDING NEW toys, BOOKS, WARM winter clothing, and grocery cards FOR THOSE SPECIAL HOLIDAY MEALS WHERE MEMORIES ARE MADE.

Adopt A Family Guidelines

We request that each family being sponsored receive a food hamper and age-appropriate gifts for every child. Sponsors are responsible for purchasing and arranging for delivery of hampers.

  1. Determine size of family you prefer to sponsor.
  2. Food hamper must contain three meals for Christmas Day for the family (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or a grocery gift card sufficient for the family to purchase groceries for those three meals.
  3. Provide an age-appropriate gift for each child in the family. Recommended $75-80/per child.
  4. Contact the family as soon as possible to ask the children’s interests and preferences that are within reason. Sponsored families look forward to hearing from their sponsor!
  5. SCB suggests using *67 to block your phone number to maintain your privacy. We do not give out your personal details including email or phone number.
  6. Arrange a delivery date/time with the family. Delivery should be no later than December 18, unless otherwise arranged with the family.

Meal suggestions:

**Ask your adopted family about any food allergies**

We delivered to our Adopted Family earlier this afternoon. This is our favorite time of year and this is our best present to ourselves. The young woman was very emotional and had a hard time keeping the tears at bay. She was very sweet and was very excited about her son, come Christmas morning. We loaded her down with groceries and presents and they’re all ready for Santa. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they get a load of what in store for them. Merry Christmas to all of you who make spirits brighter with your hard work and dedication to making those less fortunate a little happier and looking forward to the New Year.
Michael & Jan

Fresh fruit/juice
Canned fruit
Pancake mix/syrup
Bacon/Sausage (ask if this should be a meatless option!)

Deli meats
Canned tuna/salmon
Boxed juice
Fresh Fruit
Canned beans

Turkey or ham
Stuffing mix or ingredients (you could inlcude your favourite family recipe!)
Canned vegetables
Fresh vegetables
Cranberry sauce
Dessert (pie/squares, etc.)


Christmas snacks: cookies, candies, chips, popcorn, nuts.

Other practical items may be included based on family: diapers, baby wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, detergents, soaps, tin foil and pet food.

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