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THE Surrey Christmas Bureau is dedicated to bringing joy and support to low-income families during the holidays BY PROVIDING NEW toys, BOOKS, WARM winter clothing, and grocery cards FOR THOSE SPECIAL HOLIDAY MEALS WHERE MEMORIES ARE MADE.

Adopt a Family

The families we touch are, of course, the most important part of the Surrey Christmas Bureau. Often, the act of giving has a wonderful way of giving back…

Spread Joy: Adopt a Family with Surrey Christmas Bureau

I and four of my colleagues presented the gifts to our Adopt a Family yesterday.
This was our first experience with adopting a family for Christmas, my team was extremely generous with their donations and their hearts. We had an awesome time shopping for the gifts, taking lots of consideration of the children’s ages and their interests, and wrapping them in a team sit down where most of the 17 members were involved. It was quite amusing watching the creativity of each emerge and to see some amazing gift wrapping techniques utilized.
My manager even took on the task of shopping on his own for Christmas stockings and fillers for all three members of the family. As he is from Venezula, he had never even heard of this practise before. He had a great time sourcing gifts small enough to fit into the stockings, and even personalized each little red velour stocking by ironing on stencilled letters spelling each family members name on all three. I believe he may even be starting a new trend with his own family this year.
We packed the gifts and stockings in little red Santa bags and all wore fluffy red and white Santa hats for the delivery.
We have all throughly enjoyed this effort and look forward to adopting again next year… possibly even two or three families.

TELUS BC Wireless Implementation Team

We delivered to our Adopted Family earlier this afternoon. This is our favorite time of year and this is our best present to ourselves. The young woman was very emotional and had a hard time keeping the tears at bay. She was very sweet and was very excited about her son, come Christmas morning. We loaded her down with groceries and presents and they’re all ready for Santa. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they get a load of what in store for them. Merry Christmas to all of you who make spirits brighter with your hard work and dedication to making those less fortunate a little happier and looking forward to the New Year.
Michael & Jan

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